Our first and hence very close to our hearts,
this collection consists of nine pieces.

After being the first Denim brand to make a complete digital collection
at the Helsinki Fashion Week 2020, we’re ready with our first ‘physical’ pieces.

Bright blue bases of denim waste (we would never want to call it waste)
have been carefully chosen to make the perfect collection ‘one’
This blue can easily be achieved in the washing process too,
but we kept the washing to bare minimum,
making sure our EIM score or the impact on environment is at the least.

Our collections are going to be season-less,
but every few months some pieces will be added based on
the discards we get.
Also, a lot of lifestyle products – all made from Denim scrap
will be added soon.


Taking you through our design journey,
we collaborated with the Denim pioneer Arvind Mills and
chose there leftover small and some big denim scraps.
After careful color sorting, a series of denim furs with
various unusual techniques was designed.

Idea is to make couture come alive from
something that’s dead or of no use.
And, to make sustainability, fashion!
On to this journey with all my love,
neha celly

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