DeBrick Pendant


DeBrick ~ Denim Brick is a solid brick made with 99% compressed waste denim and 1% bio-epoxy. Depending on the colour and weight of the waste available, the material may differ from piece to piece.

Seen here is a DeBrick pendant along with a black matte finished cotton string. It has no metal closures. Package contains 1 neckpiece.

Length of the pendant: 1.5”/ Height of the pendant: 0.5” / Length of the neckpiece: 12”

Kindly contact us for any type of customisation.

Estimated Delivery

Each style is customised and made on order. Any specific instruction could be sent directly to us through the contact form.

We take 20 days to make and deliver the style. Extra days added for outside India shipping.

Also, since all the pieces are made from different denims, there could be a color variation, but the final product would be aesthetic and to your liking.

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